First indications of the use of bow and arrow originate from South Africa and are dated to about 64.OOO years ago. Arrows and bows belong to humanity like fire. Bow and arrows were used as an effective hunting tool that ensured the survival, and later in history of humanity as a weapon of war.


In the spirit of tradition and appreciation of archery, the members of Traditional Archers International, in short T.A.I, commit themselves to preserve, promote, develop and carry on with this living tradition, based solely on peaceful, sporting and friendly aspects.

T.A.I. is based on three columns, the passing on of knowledge and know-how around the archery, the networking between the federation and its associations and organizations as well as the sportive events.

This will be achieved through a close and appreciative partnership with national associations and organizations, with its archers around the world, to bring the culture and knowledge of traditional archery to life, and thus also to realize meetings, sporting competitions and championships.