Everyone can and should join the rules published here. No matter if single archer, club or association. This happens voluntarily and can be revoked at any time.

T.A.I. Respects and acknowledges the rules and guidelines of national associations and organizations. These rules are guidelines derived from experience and knowledge and agreed upon.

All tournaments and events under the auspices of T.A.I. which are organized and run, or from T.A.I. itself, have a consistent set of rules and guidelines that are recognized and respected by all its members. They will be discussed and approved by the delegates’ meeting.

New materials and new techniques lead to improvements in performance even in traditional archery. Using innovations to gain advantages over other competitors, or even to avoid disadvantages, is the cause of a set of rules.

Not every innovation leads to progress or serves a fair performance comparison. Not every innovation has to be rejected. The development of the last 20 years has therefore led to an increase in disciplines. For transnational tournaments these rules have to be strengthened internationally.

All members are invited to observe and evaluate new developments through their respective associations. The associations share the T.A.I. their opinion discussed internally as a vote. The T.A.I. takes into account each association vote received and publishes the decisions of the World Council first with a red color mark on its homepage. In the future, these changes will be given a date that is to be understood as the introductory date, from which point the validity will begin. Each member has a period of time to prepare for possible changes.