On this page we want reveal missunderstandings in interpreting the rules, learning for future competitions. In special cases the one or other of this presented would be the start of a discussion to adjust the rules. We want expressly indicate that the presented situations are in no way reproarches. Rules, especially new rules needs mostly a clarification and a lighting from other perspectives. I request the reader for other proposals which can given me by the contact form.

German 3D hunt May 2017

Style: Selfbow

An archer regist himself with a Penobscot bow in the class selfbow. At the bow check this was declined.

Rule: A self-bow is a bow made of one grown piece of wood. Accepted: Two pieces of wood spliced together in the handle. Forbidden: Any kind of sinew strenghtening (and Backing)

The Penobscot bow consists of two bows which are connected at the middle.  The force transmission between the bows proceeded with sinews.

Rationale:  The rule describes one bow made of one grown piece of wood. The splicing in the handle is accepted by exeption. Due to the fact that this will not proofable without opening the handle it is allowed.
The connection between the two bows are fixed by sinews. This is a boost of the first bow with a second one by using sinews. This is not allowed by the rules. The penobscot bow is obviously a bow out of two pieces wood, enforced by sinew and is not a selfbow.