Age classes in traditional archery are not as much important as in other sports. But nevertheless, due to equal opportunities they have to be defined as rules. There are no exceptions allowed. At T.A.I licensed competitions the age classes are as follows:


Reference dates are the date of birth and the 1st day of the competition.

At the 1st day of the competition, the list shows the age which is turned.
Example: 18 shows that the starter is 18 years old. This is from the day of 18th birthday to one day before the 19th birthday. If the first day of the competition is the birthday, the archer shall start in the regarding age class. This class can be used until the next class is reached.

Table of age-classes 
male female
Kids 8 – 11 together
Junveniles 12 – 15 separate valuation
Juniors 16 – 17 separate valuation
Adults 18 – 55 separate valuation
Seniors 55 – …. separate valuation

Kids, younger as 8 years are in an extremely bone development phase. T.A.I. does not support any health restrictions.

Age classes at other associoations