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Server update

Currently this page is minimal confised due to a server update. We are working at the improvement.

Corrections in document BowStyles

Added the hint: Longbow is same as American Flatbow

Commitment about the European Championship Rounds

The rounds for an European Championship are defined. more

Age clases

The age-clases are aligned.

find here



T.A.I. is now a accepted “non-profit” organization.

Now we can raise a donation receipt.

But we have to remark, this is by German law and only a German document. I don’t know how this will be handle in other countries. Please ask at your local financial office.

new page competition gleaning



Support wanted! We are German native speaker. Our goal is to bring the archers together on international base.  Therefore we need archers with same goal in every country. They can support us by translating the pages. We want publishing this side in more languages.

Comparing Bowstiles

Comparing bowstyles published, but translation coming soon Comparing Bowstyles

Comparing age classes

Some associations and their age classes inserted.


The old definition “Horsebow” was changed to Reflex Bow due to the fact that it was misunderstanding.

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