The bow styles are numbered in ascending order. Each bow defines itself by all of its features. If one or more feature do not match the intended style, the bow have to be ranked in the next higher style.  A new complete check has to be fulfilled. The correct style was found if all features matches.

For all bow styles agreed:


  • The string can be made of any material
  • only one (1) fixed nocking point which can be marked by one or two clamping rings


  • Only bullet and field target point are allowed
  • Each arrowhead weight is allowed
  • Nocks can made of any material
  • Despite the color, all arrows shall have the same length, feathers and arrow heads

For all bow styles forbitten:

  • All bows shall not have any mark at limbs, riser and string which could use as sight. Deemed as an exception is the natural grain of wood.
  • „Face-“ and „Stringwalking“
  • Tools for extraction are not allowed, included are marks and paintings on the arrows which are located within the upfront third part.
  • Releases are not allowed
  • Leveling instruments are not allowed.
  • Rangefinder, binoculars and other aiming tools and their notes are not allowed.
  • IT is not allowed to change the weight of the bow during a competition.

Ascending list of the bow styles:

  1. Selfbow (SB)
  2. Primitive Bow (PB)
  3. Longbow (LB)
  4. Longbow modern (LBm)
  5. Horsebow (RB)
  6. Horsebow modern (RBm)
  7. Traditional Recurve Bow (TRB)
  8. Bowhunter Recurve (BHR)
  9. Not to be used under this traditional rules