A recurve bow made of any material


  • A bow which can be either an one piece bow or a multiple pieces bow. (take down)
  • A window which exceed the center of the bow.
  • An arrow rest.
  • Bow quiver at the other side as window.
  • The window can be in parallel to the bow long axis.
  • A straight stabilizer also with coupling appliance at a maximum length of 30,5 cm as measured by the front of the bow center section.
  • The treated insert in the center section is part of the stabilizer and adds on


  • Forked Stabilizer
  • Counterweight
  • Modify the bow-tension during the round


  • Any material

Shooting style:

  • Only Mediterranean loose or undergrip. Changing is not allowed
  • With use of a bow quiver the arrows shall be used out of it.