A self-bow is a bow made of one grown piece of wood.


  • Two pieces of wood spliced together in the handle.
  • Leather grips and windings around the grip are accepted if not to be used as arrow rest.
  • Nocks made of horn or any other natural material at the ends
  • Patch handles made of wood or any other natural material at the ends


  • A sight window
  • An arrow rest.
  • Any kind of sinew strenghtening (and Backing)
  • No terrace or edge higher as 3 mm at any part of the wraps or 5 cm above. This would be used as an arrow-rest. Measure: With a caliper.
  • Laminated wood. Measuring: To clearly identify the bow shall not have any colored painting.
  • Bow quiver


  • Wood or bamboo with natural feathers

Shooting style:

  • Only mediterranean style over the back of the hand.