Rules are guidelines which are created from experience and insights, fixed as an agreement. As such they are liable to changes. New materials and new techniques also lead in the traditional bow sport to improvements in performance. Using innovations to get advantages against other competitors, or only for not getting disadvantages, is the cause for a policy.

Not every innovation comes to a progress or serves a fair performance comparison. Not every innovation has to be declined. The development of the past 20 years led to an increase of disciplines. Meanwhile there are two disciplines available for each wooden bow, longbow and recurve, a modern one and a more conservative one. For international competitions the rules have to consolidate internationally.

Therefore all members are invoked over their associations to observe and to score new innovations. The associations inform as a vote to T.A.I. about their internal discussions. Traditional Archers International considers each associations-vote and publish the World Counsil decision with colored letters on the homepage. The changes will marked with a date for introduction. The validity starts with this date. Each member will have time to fit himself.