Everybody can and may affiliate to this published rules. Indifferent if individual archer, club or association. This happens freely and could revoked every time. Using any of our logos or wear it at clothes shows the acceptance and supporting of our rules.

TAI-Logo-Associated-smallAs a sign to accept the rules and being conform to it, it is allowed to use the logo
on shirts, patches and other stuff. The commercial using should permitted by the T.A.I. office. The user and wearer shows that he/she satisfy the rules of the association.


TAI-Logo-Member-smallRegistered members may use our logo. It will soley assigned by the T.A.I office or by an association which is itself member, respectively for the current year (date of registration until 12/31) Member can be a person, a club or an association. Members pay a less dues per person  and have registered per name in the list in T.A.I. office. For participating at international competitions membership is mandatory.


TAI-Logo-Sponsor-smallIf someone wants to support our goals monetary (we be glad about any donation) can call himself sponsor and use our logo. Using it  will solely permitted by the T.A.I office. And the usage is permitted for one year only. After that time period the permit has to be given again by the world council.


TAI-Logo-World-Council-smallA special logo could use by persons which are active in working for the T.A.I. Associations can send a representative to the world council. The World committee will make the decisions and will undertake tasks. This tasks are e.g. responsibility for correct translating and replacement the members and their opinions. Using will solely permitted by the T.A.I office.