A word to the organizer:
I understood the most reasons why some organizers allow all bow styles at their tournaments. Many have not the terrain or the supporters to shape a tournament that it is crowded the day after the tender. By more and more tournaments and so more competiton sometimes one stay not fullfilled. Therefore some have to accept much different styles. And every style needs an own award ceremony – and also for each age class. Fastly the budget for awards is empty and the duration of the ceremony becomes strain.
Therefore a proposal for the organizers: Divide the precision devices (all with sight and the compounds) from the traditionals (up to BHR). Thus makes sophisticated tournaments possible for both. I think not only at the distances, but also at the shooting out of backing. (e.g. knieeling) This can increase the reception.

Traditionally 8 different bow styles remain. Subsequent table shows useful reducing.

Bow Styles A B C
Wooden Bows Selfbow (SB) X X
Primitive Bow (PB) X X
Longbows Longbow (LB) X X
Longbow modern (LBm) X X
Reflex Bows Reflex Bow (RB) X X
Reflex Bow modern (RBm) X X
Recurve Bows Traditional Recurve Bow (TRB) X X
Bowhunter Recurve (BHR) X X

Organizer A wants allowing all traditional bow styles. The material can compared directly.
Organizer B is more traditional. He choose out of two styles the more traditional one. The archers with the modern variant compete now with the next higher style.
Organizer C is more modern. He allows the modern style of the type. Hereby occours a direct comparing of more traditional materials against more modern materials.