We support three different kinds of competitions:

3-D Sport unknown distances
3-D Hunt unknown distances, but maximum 30 meters cubs only 20 meters
World of Traditionals Mix of different targets from any country or era.


3-D Sport is a 3-arrow-round, first hit counts. (kill and wound 20-16-14-10-8-4) 24 to 30 targets with unknown distances have to be shot. Unknown means really unknown. There are no limits for distance or target-size. Everybody have the same conditions. But be sure, all is possible and fair.

3-D Hunt is a 2-arrow-round, both arrow counts 10 for inside kill, 7 for normal kill and 2 for wound. 24 to 30 targets in maximum 30 meters have to be shot. Each target have two different pegs, one arrow from each. Group IV animals must be twice, it’s own peg for each.

European Championship:

It is a compilation of two rounds 3-D Hunt and one round 3-D Sport.