The registration for participation in the EHO 2024 is online

Registration for participation in the EHO 2024 at Zamek Golubski Castle, Golub-Dobrzyń in Poland is officially open.

Please fill in the registration carefully.
The start list will be published shortly and updated regularly.

Click here for -> Registration EHO 2024

T.A.I. members are officially eligible to compete in AAE tournaments

Following official confirmation by Heike Gehritz, Vice President of the AAE, Archery Association Europe (member of the NFAA, National Field Archery Association USA), all members of the T.A.I. are now officially eligible to compete in AAE tournaments. We are pleased about this development, that our members now have access to other international tournaments in addition to the annual T.A.I. championships.

Here is the official link to the AAE: www.aae-archery.com

Invitation to participate the
European Historical Open 2024

When: August 14th – August 16th, 2024

Where: At the castle Zamek Golubski in Golub-Dobrzyń, Poland.

Who: All worldwide members of the Traditional Archers Iinternational are eligible to participate. The bow classes  and the sport rules of the T.A.I. apply.

How many starters: 300 archers can participate.

For further information read here ->


We wish all Members of T.A.I. a great start for the New Year 2024

2023 was an exciting year in many respects, be it socially, politically, economically and, of course, in terms of sport. We look forward to a new year and wish all our members a healthy and successful start to 2024.

On behalf of the Executive Board
Eric Lindemann


Malfunction of our contact form

Dear members of the T.A.I. Unfortunately, there have been problems with our contact form for some time, which we only became aware of after some time. The error has now been fixed. The contact form can now be used again to its full extent.

On behalf of the board
Eric Lindemann


March of the nations to the ETO 2023

Dear members, dear archers.
On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank all participants and accompanying persons. We were very honored that so many participants from so many countries followed the invitation by our member association TBVD Germany. Many thanks for this. I experienced the ETO as a success for traditional archery and also got to know many very nice people personally. Pictures of the ETO 2023 can be viewed and downloaded at the homepage of the -> Rhön archers.

I have now taken a little time and reflected in detail on the ETO 2023. So of course we have determined that there is room for improvement at the next event. We have received a lot of praise and also many suggestions, we will take these to heart. The praise also is of course due to the TBVD but also the Rhön archers.

The board of the T.A.I., namely Sadiq Ali (Director Asia), Corinna Franz (Sport Director) Paula Duarte (Vice President) as well as I, will continue to be personally available for everyone directly. So feel free to contact us.
I hope we will be able to provide a successful and eventful time also next year at EHO 2024 in Poland.

On behalf of the board
Eric Lindemann


The Program to the ETO 2023 is published.

You will find detailed information about registration, bow control and the ETO 2023 campus including ranges here –> to the program


The ETO 2023 Fan Shop is closed

Dear participants of the ETO 2023,
as already announced, the ETO 2023 Fan Shop is closed as of today July 10, 2023. Now we will go into production. We would like to thank you already now for the abundant orders. The shirts will be distributed at the ETO very close to the registration to those who ordered a shirt.

See you at the ETO 2023 at the Castle Fasanerie in Eichenzell.


The Board of Directors mourns the death of Filipe Campaniço

Dear members of the T.A.I.,
I have received the sad news that our board member Filipe Campaniço passed away this morning, Saturday June 24, 2023 after a serious illness. Filipe was our treasurer. He was also a great supporter of the T.A.I. I have known Filipe as a generous and helpful person. He was always in a good mood, he enjoyed life. Filipe was a soul of a man. I, we will miss him very much.

Our sincere condolences go out to his family and his brother Francisco Camacho.

On behalf of the board

Eric Lindemann


Welcome Bulgaria, welcome BTAC

The T.A.I. Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the Bulgarian Traditional Archery Club (БЪЛГАРСКИ КЛУБ ТРАДИЦИОННА СТРЕЛБА С ЛЪК) has joined Traditional Archers International as the representative of Bulgaria. Joining the Traditional Archers International is an important milestone for the BTAC (Bulgarian Traditional Archery Club) and marks a significant step in the development, spread and practice of Traditional and Historical Archery.

Nikolay Hristozov, Chairman of BTAC and Eric Lindemann, President of T.A.I. met last week to discuss joining T.A.I. They exchanged information, views and ideas and discussed the benefits that joining will bring to Bulgarian Traditional Archery.

Traditional Archers International expressed its appreciation for the BTAC’s efforts to preserve and promote traditional archery.

The Board of Directors
Traditional Archers International


Hello dear members of the T.A.I.

We are pleased to announce that the T.A.I. has appointed a new Sports Director. With immediate effect Corinna Franz will take over the sporting management of the Traditional Archers International.

As Sports Director, Corina Franz will be responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of our sporting goals. Corinna Franz (Germany) forms the backbone of the T.A.I. alongside Sadiq Ali (Pakistan), our Director Asia, as well as the World Council, namely Christopher Barker (UK), Paulo Polido (Portugal) and Werner Lubjinski (Germany).

Welcome to our team, we are looking forward to a successful future.

Eric Lindemann
Traditional Archers International


Hello dear archers and friends

as announced, unfortunately with a delay, the shop on our site for the ETO 2023 shirts is online. You can order now. The shirts will be handed over to you at the ETO 2023 at the reception at the bow control. However, we have one important piece of information: the cut of the shirts is quite small, so please order 2 sizes larger.

As we have to go into production in time, the shop will be open until 7 July.


For those who would like
to participate in ETO 2023:

The date is: from 16 to 19 August 2023

The venue is: the Fasanerie Castle

near Eichenzell in Germany (south of Fulda).

Registration will take place via the following website: https://www.eto.tbvd.de/index.php/en/registration/


SETTORE KARMAN – TIRO CON L’ARCO, representing Italy, is a new member of T.A.I.

We are pleased and honored to welcome Settore Karman – Tiro con l’arco as Italy’s representative in the T.A.I. The official accession took place on 24th January. Settore Karman – Tiro con l’arco is part of the large sports and education federation CSEN Italia.
In the name of the board 

Eric Lindemann

IMPORTANT – for all archers who would like to take part in the ETO 2023 in August 2023:

Please contact the TBVD (Traditional Archery Association Germany) as the organizer and apply for a letter of accreditation and an accompanying letter. These letters are important for applying for a visa for Germany and the EU.

You can contact the TBVD for a letter of accreditation here:
Contact TBVD

TAAM – Traditional Archery Association Malaysia officially recognized by Malaysian government

I am proud to announce, that TAAM is now officially recognized by the Malaysian government. It makes the board of T.A.I. pleased that we could assist TAAM in their recognition. We wish TAAM every success in the future so that traditional archery becomes even more popular than it already is.

This is the
official badge
of TAAM,

The EHO 2022 – a championship of a special kind

The European Historical Open 2022 was a special kind of championship. The EHO 2022 was held in front of a historical backdrop in Obidos, Portugal. Archers from seven countries competed to win one of the EHO’s championship titles. The largest teams came from Portugal and Germany followed by Spain. Three days of shooting took place on 3D targets, historical and technical targets. It was shown that the technical and historical part of the competition in particular presented all archers with more or less great challenges. The championship began on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 and ended on Thursday, August 25, 2022. In order to get an impression of the EHO, we have provided the following link for anyone interested:

–> Album about EHO 2022


Next year, the Eruopean Traditional Open. 2023 will be organized from 16th to 19th of August 2023 alt Castle Fasanerie in Eichenzell, Germany. You will find further information at eto.tbvd.de .

Eligible to participate are all T.A.I. member federations, all member clubs of the T.A.I. as well as T.A.I. individual members.

EHO 2022 in Obidos – Compensation for the petrol/gas price increase

We are now looking forward to participants from 8 nations, including Brazil and Pakistan. Due to the well-developed number of registrations, the FABP would like to compensate for the price increase in petrol/gas prices for you. We will therefore extend the period for early bird bookings until June 30th, 2022 and thus reduce the fee by €20.

(now until June 30, 2022)
100,- €80,- €60,- €

The preparations are already in full swing.
Where to register: www.eho22.com

Who can register: All archers who are members of the T.A.I. through their national associations/federations, or clubs, as well as individual/special members in the T.A.I., which have no federation or club represented in the T.A.I.

For Common Dinner
Kids15,- €
Juvenils Juniors/Adults/Seniors20,- €

Our statement on the current situation in Ukraine

We, the T.A.I. condemn in the strongest possible terms the aggressive attack on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin, his government and his army. This attack on a sovereign, democratic state is in total contradiction to what T.A.I. stands with its values. We are an international association of archers from many countries and regions around the world. Friendship, tolerance, international understanding and a common democratic coexistence is our highest commandment. T.A.I. sees itself as an inseparable unit worldwide. And that’s why we stand side by side against war, hatred and oppression. We stand by the Ukrainian people, but also by the part of the Russian population that is against this criminal war and is being arrested, oppressed and silenced because of this opinion.

We are currently examining support options for the Ukrainian people.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the World Council

Eric Lindemann
Vice President

Registration for EHO 2020 will open.

Registration for the EHO 2022 (European Historical Open) will open exactly at 01:00 CET on December 3, 2021.

Where can you register:


When can you register:
from 01:00 a.m. CET from Thursday to Friday, December 3, 2021.

Who can register:
All archers who are members of the T.A.I. and of their member associations respectively, as well as all individual / special members in the T.A.I., this applies to archers whose countries are not represented in the T.A.I. have (association).

What does a participation cost:

Registration deadline:
03.12.2021 – 16.03.2022Early Bird Booking
17.03.2022 – 30.06.2022Regular Booking
01.07.2022 – 15.07.2022Last Call Booking
Entry Fees
 Juniors / Adults / SeniorenJuvenilesKids
Early Bird100,- €80,- €60,- €
Regular120,- €100,- €80,- €
Last Call140,- €120,- €100,- €

Cancellation policy registration:
until 30 June 2022 90% refund
after 30 June 2022 no refund

Common Dinner :
Kids: 15.00€
Juveniles, Juniors, Adults, Seniors: 20.00 €

For further information about accommodation, arrival and the procedure, please visit:


In the name of the board of T.A.I. and FABP

Eric Lindemann
Vice President

December, 2nd 2021

EHO 2022 (European Historical Open) takes place in Obidos, Portugal

We are very pleased to announce that the first European Historical Open (EHO) will take place in Obidos, Portugal in August 2022.

“Historic” means that not only 3D targets are used, but above all historical targets as well as those with a historical background from all over the world. These include also precision and moving targets.

“Open” means that not only members from Europe, but also T.A.I. Members from other continents should be able to participate.

Details such as registration, accommodation and program schedule will be published very soon. Please mark your calendar from 22. to 25. August 2022.

With best regards

Frank Schmitt
President T.A.I.

November, 28th, 2021

EHO 2022 (European Historical Open) takes place in Obidos, Portugal

We are very pleased to announce that the first European Historical Open (EHO) will take place in Obidos, Portugal in August 2022.

“Historic” means that not only 3D targets are used, but above all historical targets as well as those with a historical background from all over the world. These include also precision and moving targets.

“Open” means that not only members from Europe, but also T.A.I. Members from other continents should be able to participate.

Details such as registration, accommodation and program schedule will be published very soon. Please mark your calendar from 22. to 25. August 2022.

With best regards

Frank Schmitt
President T.A.I.

November, 28th, 2021

Welcome Pakistan Traditional Archery Federation

Since November 17th, the “Pakistan Traditional Archery Federation” is the newest member of the T.A.I.

According to Sadiq Ali, the President of the Pakistani Association, it didn’t take a long time to think about the T.A.I. to join. After a short talk with the board of the T.A.I. all ambiguities were clarified and the Pakistany association joined the T.A.I. We wish all archers and the board of the Pakistan Association a “Warm Welcome to the T.A.I.” and to a good future and cooperation.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the World Council
Eric Lindemann
Vice President

November, 17th, 2021

Historic and traditional tournament in Monterey, Mexico

On November 20 and 22, 2021, the first historical / traditional tournament will take place in Monterey, Mexico under the patronage of the T.A.I.
The large association La cofradia de la arqueria, under the direction of Raymundo Bonilla, is the organizer and host of this event.

“In our country (MEX) there are only a few calls in these disciplines and thanks to our career we are allowed to host this event, it fills us with pride and we will endeavor to offer all participants, local, national, the best service and international “,reported Raymundo Bonilla.

All age groups can take part, only historical and traditional bows with wooden arrows are allowed (without exception). If an archer would like to participate, but does not have the appropriate equipment, this can be made available.

Interested parties send a WhatsApp to +52 81 1183 0920 for further information.

Medals will be awarded to the first-placed, and there will also be a raffle for products and / or services from our sponsors. The event takes place in the city of Monterrey, Mexico.

October 19, 2021
Monterey, Mexico

Returning of the entry fees

Dear members and friends,

These days, the ETO 2021 would have taken place. The range construction for the ETO 2021 would have been prepared. The rooms in Guteneck and the surrounding area would have been occupied. And we would all have been looking forward to a tournament with a lot of international friends. Instead we pay back now your entry fee and are looking for a new host for 2022 and the following years. By the way: We will gladly examine serious letters and forward them to the national associations.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to repay all your contributions yet. In some cases, we lack the bank details, and many e-mail addresses are rejected as no longer valid. If you still miss the booking, please use our contact form to send us your bank details. If you have concerns about data security, leave an e-mail address there, we are also happy to communicate directly by e-mail.

We still feel pretty sad, that we weren’t able to come together to celebrate the ETO 2021. But we also are looking forward to 2022 in the hope of coming events.

In the name of the Board and World Council

Frank Schmitt

Eric Lindemann
Vice President


Cancellation of the ETO 2021

The message from our organizer came shockingly: “The authorities have strongly advised against further planning of a major international event.” The district to which Guteneck belongs is currently among the ten worst affected areas with the highest incidence rates in Germany. At the moment, the authorities there are extremely overloaded. They are very likely not to be able to process the necessary applications.

This hint is so crystal clear that we, together with the organizer of the event, decided nine weeks before the deadline to cancel all further planning. Unfortunately, the ETO 2021 will not be carried out. We will start transferring the starting fees back in the next few days.

For the next year – 2022, we launched a call for tenders a few weeks ago. For a Traditional Historical Open (EHO), all our member associations were asked to look for possible venues and to participate in the competition. Whether we will also have an ETO and thus two events in 2022 is not yet discussed.

All of you might ask, what is the EHO? The EHO (European Historical Open) is a championship in which targets are shot according to historical originals and rules. If you want to get an idea of this, you should inform yourself about the WOT (Germany), Obidos (Portugal), Golup (Poland) or the traditional shooting in India or Singapore.

At this point, we would like to say to all our members that we are deeply sorry, especially as most of the preparations for the ETO have already been completed. The Board of Directors is already busy making the rest of the year as interesting as possible for our members, in what way and form, we will inform you all about this as soon as possible.

On behalf of the entire Board,

Frank Schmitt

Eric Lindemann
Vice President


Planning status 09.03.2021

There are currently 168 registered participants and 29 participants are on the waiting list. The Vaccination progress in Germany shows about 3.1%. Unfortunately, incidence in Germany is not decreasing as expected. The region around the venue shows worrying figures, but is still on average in Europe. The next neighbour, the Czech Republic is currently the problem country in Europe. Our member, the TBVD has actually cancelled its German Championship in April. Under these conditions, the decision of the TBVD is comprehensible.

The scheduled date of the ETO is only 5 weeks after this cancelled German championship. We have therefore discussed with the organizer the possibility of alternative dates. The result was pretty clear. Due to the holiday planning of the many helpers and supporters, a postponement is impossible. For the ETO, this means either it takes place on the scheduled date or it fails. This also means that we will immediately take all further steps as soon as an appointment is available and do everything necessary to implement them. In the near future, self-testing will be available in sufficient numbers, and vaccination will continue. The combination of these measures together will be crucial for ETO 2021.

Let’s all hope for the best. Stay healthy!

On behalf of the entire board
Frank Schmitt

Planning status 07.02.2021 

There are currently 170 registered participants and 28 are on the waiting list. It is still not possible to make a firm statement as to whether the ETO can take place. In Germany, the number of newly infected people is decreasing, but Portugal faces major challenges. An even more contagious variant of the virus is currently being detected throughout Europe.

Even if the ETO is allowed to take place, we certainly need to add a hygiene concept to the approval documents. Whether we are allowed to stay in a hall with catering is questionable. A musically supported closing event? We don’t know. Imaginable outdoors, but in a hall when it rains? It’s questionable. We will not lose our courage so quickly, but we should think of everything and everybody. Perhaps even about a postponement of the date, if we are not yet allowed to receive our foreign  friends and participants.

On behalf of the entire board
Frank Schmitt

Preview on 2021 

The ETO 2020 could not take place. Instead, there should be an ETO in June 2021. However, the organizer and I cannot make any reliable statements today about the possibilities that we will present in June. Until then, the planning will be almost into the dark, the view extends at most until the next conference of the state governments and their relatively short-term decisions to contain the corona pandemic. However, the approval process must start at a point in time at which there are no reliable specifications.  

The board of the T.A.I. decided in its last meeting, despite all adversities, to do everything possible to allow the ETO to take place in 2021. This may mean a reduced number of shooters, the absence of a graduation ceremony, or even a postponement of the date. We are aware that this is also a great challenge for planning your vacations. Bookings for pensions and hotels will only be possible with reservation. But unfortunately that is all that is in our power. Our foreign guests also have the uncertainty about entry regulations and flight schedules. We will plan ahead as far as possible and offer you a good time according to the circumstances.  

Planning status  December 30th 2020: 

174 participants are currently registered. On January 4th, 2021 we will open a waiting list for another 162 people. The first placed (first in / first out) moves up from this waiting list, if there are cancellations due to travel restrictions or similar. Should it become evident in the next few months that the event may take place with an increased number of participants, we will register the people from the waiting list as participants. 

This planning status is constantly adapted to the possibilities and the then current situation. We advise you to inform yourself here regularly!  

On behalf of the entire board
Frank Schmitt

The T.A.I. has a new board

On November 8, 2020, the assembly of delegates’ for the election of the new board took place. All board members were elected and confirmed unanimously. The old and new president is Frank Schmitt (Germany), the old and new vice-president is Eric Lindemann (Germany), Paula Duarte (Portugal) was elected as the new treasurer, Filipe Campaniço (Portugal) was elected as the new cash auditor, and Savita Joshi ( India) was chosen for sports director. Thus, the board is international and almost equally made up of women and men. We are very much looking forward to the work that lies ahead of us and thank you for the trust that the delegates and thus our members have placed in us. The minutes of the meeting are available under Downloads.

On behalf of the entire board
Eric Lindemann
Vice President

Registration postponed

The T.A.I. board decided to postpone the registration to January 4th 2021.

This give us more space to react on the Corona pandemic and its further process. Nevertheless, the announcement for an application for a vaccine gives hope.

New Members for the T.A.I.

Traditional Archers International has new members. In addition to the two clubs “Longbow Heritage” from Great Britain and the “Traditional Archers Koblach” from Austria, three associations also joined the T.A.I.
Six months ago, the DBSV (German Archery Association 1959) and the ASFI (Archery Sports Federation India) joined. AAL (Asociacion Arco Libre España) became our newest member since October.

We wish all archers and board members of these clubs and associations a “warm welcome to the T.A.I.”

ETO 2020
becomes ETO 2021

Dear members, dear participants of ETO 2020,

As already announced, we are monitoring the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic very carefully.

As announced by the German federal government today, major events remain banned until August 31, 2020. Therefore, the T.A.I. is not able to carry out the ETO2020.

In anticipation of this case, the executive board, together with the delegates from our member countries, decided in a detailed meeting to postpone ETO 2020 to the year of 2021.

The board of directors,together with the delegates and the organizer in Guteneck Castle agreed to a new appointment. The ETO 2020 thus becomes an ETO 2021.

The ETO 2021 will take place from June 7th to June 11th, 2021 at Guteneck Castle. The dates of the national championships and events of our member associations were of course taken into account.

Sadly we have to follow this path with great regret, because we were excited about the great Interest and meeting all the participants. We are also relieved that our foreign members can remain with us as participants. Because what would be an ETO without participants from our member countries, it would be just a German championship and that is not what we all want.

The board of the T.A.I. however has a request to all participants:
Please check if you can participate at the new date in June 7th to June 11th, 2021. If you should be able to take part in this appointment, please leave your entry fee with us, because the organizer has already spent parts of it on material in preparation. This of course implements, that your registration will remain.

In the name of the board of directors and the T.A.I. Delegates
Eric Lindemann
Vice President

Important message on ETO 2020

“Dear participants of ETO 2020, the board of the T.A.I. observes the current situation regarding the Corona Virus (COVID-19) very carefully. We reserve the right to make a decision by April 22nd whether ETO 2020 will take place. We ask all participants for patience and hope to give you all a positive message regarding ETO 2020. ”

The registration to the ETO 2020 is closed

Dear traditional archers, the registration ti the ETO 2020 is be closed. We can not accept any further registrations.

The registration will soon be closed

Dear traditional archers, remember, the registration will be closed at March 15th, 2020. After that date, we can not accept any further registrations.
We would also like to advise all registered archers who have not yet paid their entry fees to do so immediately.

Happy New Year

The board of the T.A.I., with Frank, Eric and Stephan wishes all members, friends and supporters of Traditional Archers International a healthy and successful start to 2020. We would like to thank you for the friendship, the support and the great acceptance by the many traditional archers and friends of the T.A.I., whom we experienced in 2019.

The community is growing

. . . The T.A.I. got new members, from Brazil, Hungary, and Poland. This means that 10 nations are already represented at ETO 2020.


New members in T.A.I.

Since three month, the Greek Club Koryvantes is a member of the T.A.I.
Koryvantes organized the first 3D tournament last year in Florina in Greece under the auspices of T.A.I.  This year again this tournament took place in Florina. Spyros Bakas and Eleni Antoniadu have performed a truly successful event on behalf of Koryvantes and to the great satisfaction of international guests from Germany, England, Korea, Turkey and the USA. – Thanks for that from the T.A.I.

As a new member, the T.A.I. welcomes the Traditional Archers Singapore. With Ahmad Zuhairi and Alfyan Ariff, the two founders, Traditional Archers Singapore has managed since 2011 to bring together a very active group dedicated to traditional archery.

Welcome TAS.

The registration to ETO 2020 is open.

You will find the registration form under the tab “ETO 2020/Registration”
Follow this link to the registration . . . –>

The Sport Regulation is updated

To read the Sport Regulation and Rules go here –>

The official invitation to ETO 2020 is now online.

You will find the Invitation of tenders under the tab
“ETO 2020/Invitation of tenders” and it can be downloaded as a PDF.

News about ETO 2020

For all those interested in the ETO: the competition rounds have been determined, you can find out more here ->

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