International Championship 2020
Last year we are started with the plan to organize international championships. A lot of work had to be done before. The organization had to be founded, rights and documents were created. Now we are prepared and able to start.
The next task will be finding a fantastic venue. Do you know any? Who is able to build three course ore more and feed a few hundred people? And are you able to conduct such an international competition under our rules?
If you are interested, please contact us at Contact Form we are collecting addresses from now on and will come in contact with the hosts.

Who we are
We are an international association for traditional archers. Our goal is to establish an international community for traditional archers to define collectively accepted rules. We found a lot of good ideas and collaborations to bring archers together. But this variety makes it more difficult for the archers and the clubs finding together in international competitions.

Here you will find the most common rules for used bows and the style of shooting (only traditionals). We will discuss and improve it together with national clubs, associations and unions.

Some associations ignore the new requirements. We want to call attention.

We need support in all countries!
Currently we are not able to support more languages as German and English. If you are interested in supporting us or our Idea, you could translate the text in other languages.

We started discussions about the much different rules to compare and finding the most supported. Every archer can contribute.  If you want to support our ideas and rules, show it to the others. Use our logo “Associated Member”,


Coming Soon