Welcome to the registration for the ETO 2020.

Please remember, if you are not a member of the FABP Portugal, Koryvantes Greece or TBVD Germany,  you have to apply for your membership in the T.A.I. first, before registering to the ETO 2020.

To the Aplication for Admission ->

Please fill out this form conscientiously and completely.

Please mark your membership
Only for members of FABP, Koryvantes, TBVD, or T.A.I.
your nationality (passport could be checked)
choose your gender
Choose your Bowstyle
For contact in case of questions
This is for planning the ressources. In case you register multipe people, please mark only the needed numbers. (If you share a tent or room - only one attendee should mark the box)
If you have any hints, we try to support them