Competition rounds for the European Traditional Open 2020

For the first competition of the T.A.I., we start with three 3D laps at the ETO 2020. Here we briefly describe the rounds of competition that will be shot at the ETO 2020. A total of 3 rounds are shot on 3 days (1 round per day), these are subdivided into 1 round of 3D sport and 2 rounds of 3D hunting.

3-D Sportunknown distances
3-D Huntingunknown distances, but maximum 30 m, for students and adolescent only 20 m
World of TraditionsMixture of goals from different countries, traditions and eras

3-D Sport is a 3-arrow round that counts first hits. Rating Kill/Wound 20/16 Pt., 14/10Pt., 8/4 Pt. , 24 to 30 targets on unknown distances must be shot. Unknown means really unknown, there is no limit on the size of the animal. For every archer the same conditions apply. The goals are set so that it is feasible and fair for every archer. The focus is set on the sporting challenge.

3-D hunting is a 2-arrow round, 2 arrows have to be shot. Scoring Inner-Kill/Outer-Kill/Wound 10/7/2 Pt. , 24 to 30 targets within a maximum distance of 30 meters. Each target has two different pegs, one arrow per peg. Group IV animals must always be set up in pairs. (not necessarily the same), in this case there will be a peg for each target.