New Members for the T.A.I.

Traditional Archers International has new members. In addition to the two clubs “Longbow Heritage” from Great Britain and the “Traditional Archers Koblach” from Austria, three associations also joined the T.A.I.
Six months ago, the DBSV (German Archery Association 1959) and the ASFI (Archery Sports Federation India) joined. AAL (Asociacion Arco Libre España) became our newest member since October.

We wish all archers and board members of these clubs and associations a “warm welcome to the T.A.I.”

ETO 2020
becomes ETO 2021

Dear members, dear participants of ETO 2020,

As already announced, we are monitoring the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic very carefully.

As announced by the German federal government today, major events remain banned until August 31, 2020. Therefore, the T.A.I. is not able to carry out the ETO2020.

In anticipation of this case, the executive board, together with the delegates from our member countries, decided in a detailed meeting to postpone ETO 2020 to the year of 2021.

The board of directors,together with the delegates and the organizer in Guteneck Castle agreed to a new appointment. The ETO 2020 thus becomes an ETO 2021.

The ETO 2021 will take place from June 7th to June 11th, 2021 at Guteneck Castle. The dates of the national championships and events of our member associations were of course taken into account.

Sadly we have to follow this path with great regret, because we were excited about the great Interest and meeting all the participants. We are also relieved that our foreign members can remain with us as participants. Because what would be an ETO without participants from our member countries, it would be just a German championship and that is not what we all want.

The board of the T.A.I. however has a request to all participants:
Please check if you can participate at the new date in June 7th to June 11th, 2021. If you should be able to take part in this appointment, please leave your entry fee with us, because the organizer has already spent parts of it on material in preparation. This of course implements, that your registration will remain.

In the name of the board of directors and the T.A.I. Delegates
Eric Lindemann
Vice President

Important message on ETO 2020

“Dear participants of ETO 2020, the board of the T.A.I. observes the current situation regarding the Corona Virus (COVID-19) very carefully. We reserve the right to make a decision by April 22nd whether ETO 2020 will take place. We ask all participants for patience and hope to give you all a positive message regarding ETO 2020. ”

The registration to the ETO 2020 is closed

Dear traditional archers, the registration ti the ETO 2020 is be closed. We can not accept any further registrations.

The registration will soon be closed

Dear traditional archers, remember, the registration will be closed at March 15th, 2020. After that date, we can not accept any further registrations.
We would also like to advise all registered archers who have not yet paid their entry fees to do so immediately.

Happy New Year

The board of the T.A.I., with Frank, Eric and Stephan wishes all members, friends and supporters of Traditional Archers International a healthy and successful start to 2020. We would like to thank you for the friendship, the support and the great acceptance by the many traditional archers and friends of the T.A.I., whom we experienced in 2019.

The community is growing

. . . The T.A.I. got new members, from Brazil, Hungary, and Poland. This means that 10 nations are already represented at ETO 2020.


New members in T.A.I.

Since three month, the Greek Club Koryvantes is a member of the T.A.I.
Koryvantes organized the first 3D tournament last year in Florina in Greece under the auspices of T.A.I.  This year again this tournament took place in Florina. Spyros Bakas and Eleni Antoniadu have performed a truly successful event on behalf of Koryvantes and to the great satisfaction of international guests from Germany, England, Korea, Turkey and the USA. – Thanks for that from the T.A.I.

As a new member, the T.A.I. welcomes the Traditional Archers Singapore. With Ahmad Zuhairi and Alfyan Ariff, the two founders, Traditional Archers Singapore has managed since 2011 to bring together a very active group dedicated to traditional archery.

Welcome TAS.

The registration to ETO 2020 is open.

You will find the registration form under the tab “ETO 2020/Registration”
Follow this link to the registration . . . –>

The Sport Regulation is updated

To read the Sport Regulation and Rules go here –>

The official invitation to ETO 2020 is now online.

You will find the Invitation of tenders under the tab
“ETO 2020/Invitation of tenders” and it can be downloaded as a PDF.

News about ETO 2020

For all those interested in the ETO: the competition rounds have been determined, you can find out more here ->

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