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Origin: England

Width: 15,2 cm
Height: 183 cm

Adaptation for T.A.I.
Shooting distance: 30 - 100 m
6 Arrows are to shoot

Historical Background:
In England archers startet to practice at seven years of age and were expected to hit the Mark with the use of a War Bow at 220 yards, by the time they were 15 years of age. To achieve this you set up the wand at a short distance first, as your Archers got the hang of hitting it regularly, you then moved the wand outor increased the distance, usually by ten yards at a time until your archers by age and skill could hit the wand or mark at 220 yards or (Artillery shot) battle shot. The ancient word for Archery is “Artillerie”.

The willow ‘wand’ represented an enemy of course, but would be much harder to hit being so narrow, especially with an English Longbow. Competitive Wand Shoots are very rare these days, but in the area of Surrey, archers still shoot this competition. 100 yards for the Gents, 80 yards for the Ladies, and 60 yards for the juniors 60 yard is the shooting distance. The ‘wand’ is set in a ground circle with a diameter of 5 ft. A ‘wand’ hit scores 5 points and a hit in the circle still makes 1 point.  There are also other competitions held by AOTT (Archers of the Tees) where you shoot from in a given order from different distances.