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Origin: Butan

Width: 31 cm
Height: 82 cm

Adaptation for T.A.I.
Shooting Distance: 80 - 140 m
3 arrows are to shoot
Only one target

Historical Background:
In Butan traditional archery, there are at least two targets needed. The targets are placed at a  ‘long distance’ with archers going back and forth between two targets. Traditionally they shoot one pair of arrows each way, with a bamboo bow.

The target is made of wood and shall preferably be blue pine. Knots of the timber should be removed and the holes so created stuffed with soft wood. A piece of strong white cotton cloth shall be pasted with glue to cover the entire surfaces of the target which will be the base for painting as well as for prevention of target from splitting with increasing number of Kareys or hits on the target. The painting on the target is usually of rainbow colours around the bull’s eye, water and 5-petal lotus pattern at the bottom. Other permissible patterns may be allowed. The Bulleye is called Gorthig. The targets are rounded off at the top and tapered to a point at the base, which is embedded in the ground. The shooting distance was and still is 140 m.

The shooting area is called „Bacho“ and should be 200 meters in length and 10 meter wide. Behind the area a 25 meter long area is recommended for safety reasons. The shooting area consists of the following: “Hopsi”, or the frames, decorated with colorful scarves and greenery. “Sirri” are called the lines left and right of the „Bacho“ which consist of saplings and flags „Dhar“. Two upright fine woods target with the traditional bull’s eye and surrounding rings. Safety-barricade are made of sandbags.